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Prince Of Cambridge Born 22 July 2013

Prince Of Cambridge Born July 22 2013

Prince Of Cambridge Born 22 July 2013. Prince William and Kate Middleton gave birth on July 22 2013. The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to the Royal couple's 1st child together today at St. Mary's Hospital in London.
A royal aide announced the good news with a proclamation signed by the doctors who helped deliver the future heir to the throne HRH Prince of Cambridge.

UPDATE: SEE Prince Of Cambridge First Photo as William and Kate leave hospital with the Prince of Cambridge.

Prince Of Cambridge Born 22 July 2013
Prince Of Cambridge Born 22 July 2013
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Kate Middleton Gives Birth to Prince of Cambridge

An official announcement was written on an easel displayed at the gates at Buckingham palace. It read,
"HRH The Duchess of Cambridge safely delivered of a son at 4.24pm today. HRH and her child are both doing well."

After Prince Charles and William, the baby will become third in line to the British throne.

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The Duchess went into labour early Monday morning on 22 July.
A statement from Kensington Palace confirmed that Prince William and Kate had travelled to central London at about 6 a.m. London time.
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Prince William then spent the long hours of labour at her bedside aiding her.
Prince of Cambridge birth

William called Queen Elizabeth, his father Prince Charles, and brother Prince Harry to tell them the wonderful news prior to the announcement being made via an official press release.

The Prince of Wales made a statement to say he was very happy. "I and my wife are incredibly overjoyed, " he said.

William and Kate's first Born child

Thousands of people, both British and holiday makers lined the streets between the Abbey and Buckingham Palace. They all wanted to get a glimpse of the news of whether a Royal Baby boy or a baby girl would be born. There were screams and cheers as the news was announced that we have a baby boy as the first child of wills and Kate.
There were three cheers of “hip hip hooray,” as the crowd outside the palace gates swelled to more than 10 deep.

Meanwhile, a spokesman from Buckingham Palace said: “The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are delighted at the news.”

It's been a remarkable few years for the Royal family. This will top all of the previous events as this see's the birth of the future King of England.

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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have successfully ensured the future of the Monarchy. We would love to hear your thoughts on this momentous occasion. Please leave your comments below. what are your thoughts on the birth of the Prince of Cambridge born 22 July 2013.

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